What a few years we are all having!😷

We won’t lie, these past few years have been dreadful as far as the business goes. There have been many times when we thought about giving up, as other small businesses have been forced to do, and after just under 20 years of being here and caring for all the wonderful cats, it was going to be a truly difficult choice.

Fortunately, we haven’t suffered any ill health like so many others, and have literally limped through. We are so fortunate that our lovely member of staff, Maggie, has stuck by us and continues to meet and greet you all. Onwards into 2022, we have no idea what curve balls will get thrown at us and hope to continue caring for the residents as they visit us.

We wish all our residents and their human carers a Peaceful Christmas and hope that 2022 is a little kinder to everyone especially those small businesses, hanging on in there. 🎄