When you make a booking to board your cat, it is very important for us to know lots of information about your cat. We will ascertain description, behaviour, likes and dislikes, allergies, relevant veterinary history, feeding requirements and contact details. There is relevance to everything we ask even though, it may feel like the “Black Chair” scenario.

It’s so important that not only do we get to know your cat as though they are our own from the start but that we recognise when your cat isn’t being “normal”. When we have never met your cat before, we need lots of background information. If for instance you describe your cat as confident, outgoing and playful and when it arrives here it becomes quiet, hiding and reserved, we need to decide from the questions that we’ve asked, is the cat just insecure in the new environment or is it ill?

Once we have made our decision that perhaps the cat isn’t right, we then use the contact information that we have taken from you, to either gain more information, or inform the contact the cat needs to be seen by a vet.