All chalets are emptied after each stay and fresh disinfected items are put in each chalet. We do not put carpets and soft chairs in the chalets because they cannot be disinfected, so instead, we encourage people to bring in their own soft furnishings. It is very important for cats staying in a Cattery for the first time or those that are nervous to have familiar home smells with them, for this reason we encourage people to either bring in their cats own bed, (not freshly laundered). If the cat tends to sleep where it wishes, a blanket, towel or t shirt that the Cats number one favourite person has slept with or worn for a few days.

Having done all this, please don’t put the cats bedding in the carrier with the cat in case they mess or are ill on the way in, as we only have to wash it once the cat arrives which defeats the object. Either put a spare towel in the carrier or some paper, but please don’t put a cat in the plastic box carrier with nothing under its feet. Not only will the cat slide around in the carrier which will upset it more. Often a cat will mess out of fear in their carrier and they will be swimming in it all the way to the Cattery. It is then its very stressful for them to be rinsed off and dried upon arrival.

So a little pack list

  • Up to date Vaccination Certificate
  • Dates and details of recent flea and worming treatments
  • Any medication, clearly labelled with name and dosage (enough for the whole stay and some spare)
  • Prescription only diets (enough for the whole stay and some spare)
  • You cats bedding, scratch posts toys and familiar items
  • Details of 2 contacts for emergency use
  • Your cat (cats) in a secure basket