When a cat come to stay with us, the most important thing is to settle the cat in and give it some peace to re adjust to the new surroundings.

Every morning, first thing, all the cats are checked over, their chalets are tidied, they are fed according to what their needs are. Any cats that are on medication have their details put up on the board so that everyone knows whom needs what and when. Their litter trays are emptied and then, whilst they listen to the radio and watch the antics of the birds around the pond we start the rounds or cleaning each chalet.

The cats are interacted with whenever we are in their chalet, either by play, fussing or just sitting with them for some lap time. We groom the cats whilst they stay in with us for no extra cost and even do our best to undertake some massive overhauls that we sometimes get presented with. Nails can be trimmed, ears cleaned, all again for no extra charge.

Cats are given peaceful time at times during the day so that they can simply snooze undisturbed.

They are generally fed biscuits in the morning and bedtime and have wet meals at tea time, but this is tailored to each cats’ needs. Treats are given according to the cats needs or for play and interaction games.