We work very closely with our local vets in the area. We can provide boarding for cats post operatively and also care for injured and sick cats that need special attention that the owners are not able to provide. Often cats do not need to be kept in at the vets and can be cared for here until they are well enough to return home. We also have smaller pens that restrict movement and are perfect for recovering cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

The shelves in all of our pens and chalets can be removed to restrict jumping. Several of the cats that board here are not only blind, but some have amputations and these are very welcome here.

David, Jill and Maggie are all trained by the vets to be able to inject diabetic cats that board with us. Again, we work alongside the vets if any changes to medication are needed whilst the owner is on holiday and permission is sought from the owner prior to their departure.