Yes of course, we positively encourage this. Not only is it a familiar smell to the cat but it will help them settle in far more quickly. If however, you forget it or don’t wish to bring any in, that’s also fine as we have plenty of cleaned laundered and disinfected bedding and toys for the cat to have in their chalet.

What we would say is don’t put the bedding in the cat carrier, when you travel your cat in to us as if they vomit, or mess in the carrier, we would obviously clean the bedding for you, but then it defeats the object as it will then smell of our wash powder and disinfectant and not those lovely homely smells.

We cannot guarantee the bedding and toys don’t get damaged whilst they are in here, and certainly I am afraid that I have turned around once too often and stood on a small ball and squashed it. So for these reasons, don’t pack your best jumper for the cat to sleep on.

One tip I recommend is, if your cat is boarding for the first time and they don’t like the gorgeous bed that you bought for them at home, still bring the bed in, as in a more confined place they may well start to use it, but I suggest you either bring in a t shirt or sweatshirt that the cat’s favourite person has been wearing for a few days, or failing that, sleep with an old towel in your bed for a few days and bring that in separately in a carrier bag. We will then put that in the cat bed and its immediately home from home.