The most important thing in an animal boarding establishment is the health of the boarders. There is no difference in our Cattery. Every time a cat leaves its chalet, the whole chalet, including contents are scrubbed from top to bottom with medical grade disinfectant and rinsed and dried. No other animal goes into the chalet until your cats arrives, to minimise cross contamination. The same goes for bedding and blankets. If a cat requires more bedding whilst staying, we put in cleanly laundered blankets, bedding, or toys. This ensures that no bacteria, diseases or unwanted friends are passed from one cat to another.

Whilst the idea of carpet, a sofa, armchairs and TV’s in a Penthouse unit sounds like home from home, It is simply totally impossible to disinfect these items to ensure nothing is passed onto the next guests, so for this reason, we do not place such items in a chalet. However, there is nothing stopping you from bringing home comforts in with your cat, and in fact, we absolutely encourage it. If the item fits in the chalet or run, leaving us room to clean and work around then you are welcome to bring it in.