No two establishments are alike and never assume that because a Cattery looks good on a website and that they have good reviews that it will be up to a standard that you wish for your Cat. Broadlands Cattery will have been established 20 years in April 2022 and when we started out it was very important to us that we did things properly from the start.

Both David and Jill attended a week long Cattery Management Course run by the Feline Advisory Bureau. Every aspect of running a Cattery was covered and it wasn’t an easy course to pass. We have continued to work at the same level of quality and integrity since this date and are proud to still be at the highest level. This was recently recognised by the Council when they awarded us the sought after 5 Star category in Boarding Licences. The Regulations covering the Star rating system were brought in in 2018 to ensure that all Kennels, Catteries and Animal care was judged against a standard. When you visit a Cattery, the Licence will be displayed for viewing.

Make a shortlist of Catteries that interest you, and don’t necessarily chose those that are the closest. Make a list of questions you wish to ask and then call the Catteries well in advance of needing your booking, as many popular Catteries get booked well in advance.

Go and visit during opening hours. You should be made welcome and there should be a peaceful atmosphere. If there are dogs right in view or hearing of the Cats, then it is likely that the cats will become stressed even if they are used to dogs at home. Any cats that are staying when you visit should look relaxed and content.

There should be NO smells in the Cattery. Any perfume smells will be masking dirtiness and these should be avoided.

Try and visit several Catteries, but preferably not on the same day as you could unwittingly be spreading any viruses from one premise to another.

Once you have chosen a Cattery, consider sending your cat for a short stay if they have never been away before. This is as much for them as it is for you.