Here at Broadlands Cattery, several of our Chalets have “CatCams” in them.

These allow owners to see their animals 24 hours a day for their entire stay. This gives many owners peace of mind that their cat is being cared for and gives them a “connection” with the cat whilst they are either away on holiday or business.

The Camera chalets need booking in advance as they are popular. The images are streamed to an App which we give you details for on your arrival. The camera is password protected and only you and ourselves can view the cameras. When you return from holiday, and collect your cat then camera password is reset and you will no longer be able to view the chalet.

There is a small extra charge for this facility.

If people choose not to have a camera, when we are not too busy we are also able to take a photo or video of your cat and send it to you by email or WeTransfer. If we are extremely busy in the Cattery we will have to limit the amount this is done as we would rather be caring for the cats than filming them.