Why board?

Cats are placed in a Cattery for several reasons. Some of which are shown here

  • Whilst the owners take their holiday or away on work
  • For safety whilst the owners are having house upgrades
  • Peace and quiet when extended families are visiting the home with young families or dogs.
  • Recuperation after an operation
  • House moves
  • Owner in hospital
  • For quarantine prior to being exported to certain Countries

Reason for a FAQ

Our FAQ section hopefully answers many of those questions that you forgot to ask or don’t even think of.

Can I see my cat whilst I’m away

Here at Broadlands Cattery, several of our Chalets have "CatCams" in them. These allow owners to see their animals 24 hours a day for their [...]

Payment and how we charge

At Broadlands Cattery we charge by the day or part of a day. So this means that you can choose whether you wish to collect [...]

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