The Cattery

Broadlands Cattery is a modern, family run Cattery built in Spring 2002. It is constructed to the highest Feline Advisory Bureau’s exacting requirements, providing very spacious, airy, and comfortable accommodation for your cats. In August 2002 the Cattery became “Listed” by the F.A.B. as a top quality cattery conforming to the very highest standards. The cattery has twice been further expanded in order to cope with high demands.

The Cattery is situated in 5 acres of quiet open surroundings with far reaching views of rolling Lincolnshire Wolds countryside. Licensed by the Local Authority, the cattery provides lavish housing for your cats, so they can enjoy their stay allowing you to relax knowing that they are safe, warm and in a clean and happy atmosphere. We encourage owners to bring in their cats’ bedding, toys, s posts and hammocks to make them feel more at home with familiar items.

Our spacious Cattery home for your cats

Each chalet offers a minimum of 6′ x 4′ x 4′ sleeping areas in standard units & 6′ x 5′ x 4′ in family units, with 6′ long play areas. There are large gaps between runs to avoid any infections spreading. All runs are covered, allowing light to get in, but keeping the rain out!

Cats are entertained all day watching the ducks splash around in the pond, or they can just lay on the shelves in the sun, or even just stay inside their temperature controlled chalet and snooze! They can even listen to the radio that is on all day.

Every cat is fed whatever they would normally get at home……as far as possible! Kittens and elderly cats receive any extra meals that they may require.

Boarders are fully insured and veterinary attention is assured 24 hours a day, with any medication administered as required.